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  • Volcano Vaporizer Slip Ring

    Using the Volcano Vaporizer¬†requires the ballon attachment for the best results. The Volcano Vaporizer Slip Ring¬†securely holds the balloon in place while ensuring proper filling without spills.¬† The Slip Ring is innovatively designed, meaning no more struggle¬†with clips ‚Äď just twist and snap the slip ring on.

    Usage Steps:

    • Turn on the vaporizer, set the temperature, and prepare the loading chamber.
    • Slide the slip ring onto the balloon and snap it into place before connecting it to the vaporizer.
    • Ensure the slip ring is firmly attached to the balloon.

    The slip ring streamlines the vaporizer process, eliminating the need for tricky balloon clips. It's a user-friendly alternative compatible with the Solid Valve Volcano Vaporizer.

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    Manufactuer Part Number: 02 07

    Suitable for; 

    What's in the box?

    • 1 pc. Slipring

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