Wolf 359 by Outerworld

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Wolf 359 by Outerworld

Outerworld has now landed at Wick & Wire Co. 

Wolf 359 is one of the faintest and lowest-mass stars ever observed. It's so dull that if it sat next to you at a dinner party you'd ask to sit with the children instead. But Wolf 359 is also a flare star, which means that every now and then it emits a massive amount of gamma rays and, for a few minutes, becomes brighter than even the most scintillating after-dinner speaker. We've captured that brightness and bottled it for your vaping pleasure.

Now available in store at our Melbourne Vape Stores or order online for prompt delivery!


Primary Flavours: Juicy Peach, Tart Pineapple and Green Apple

Bottle Sizes:  30ml, 60ml Ready to Vape, 30ml Doubler

Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dropper Cap (30ml RTV), Plastic Dropper Bottle (30ml Dbl, 60ml RTV)