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    Presenting the Yocan LUX Plus, an enhanced version of its predecessor - the Yocan LUX 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery. The "Plus" in its name signifies improved features compared to the original vaporizer battery. One remarkable upgrade is its size.

    With an additional length of precisely 15.1 millimetres compared to its predecessor, the Yocan LUX Plus offers a more substantial and comfortable portable vape battery. This increased height translates to an improved grip, which is especially beneficial for users with larger hands. While the smaller version excels in stealth and concealment, the Yocan LUX Plus prioritizes comfort during extended vaping sessions, alleviating discomfort often experienced during prolonged dabbing or vaping.

    Moreover, the Yocan LUX Plus boasts a 650mAh battery capacity, a significant advancement from the 400mAh capacity of its predecessor. This augmented battery capacity translates to extended sessions and the ability to sustain diverse voltage levels offered by the Yocan LUX Plus. Given that consistent high-voltage vaping tends to consume more battery power, the Yocan LUX Plus's larger battery effectively addresses this concern, enabling prolonged use at high-voltage settings.

    In summary, the Yocan LUX Plus, alongside its original counterpart, epitomizes Yocan's commitment to crafting user-friendly vaping devices. These devices cater to diverse preferences while embodying durability, versatility, and convenience. As the vaping landscape evolves, Yocan maintains its reputation for producing top-tier devices that redefine vaping simplicity.

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