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    Introducing Zeus Grime Sticks, the reliable and easy-to-use cleaning solution specifically designed for vaporizer components. These unique cotton swabs are filled with ethyl, a safe and effective form of alcohol that is similar to what's in alcoholic beverages. With just a quick snap of the top of the swab, you can release the ethyl into one durable cotton end and get cleaning without any mess. This makes it perfect for anyone looking for a convenient yet effective way to clean their vaporizer chamber.

    Regular cleaning helps ensure your vapor remains fresh, enjoyable and of high quality. With Zeus Grime Sticks by your side you don't need to worry about messy spills or irritation from traditional alcohol - just keep some handy at all times so you're always prepared.

    Now available in store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops located in Dandenong, Frankston, Cheltenham and Nunawading or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!


    • Any vaporizer component that can be cleaned with ethyl (metal, glass and ceramic)

    Package Contents

    • 20 x Grime Sticks

    How to Use and Tips

    1. Remove ZEUS Grime Stick from package.
    2. Snap top of Grime Stick on the indicated line.
    3. Let the alcohol drain to the swab’s other end.
    4. Use the alcohol-moistened end to clean the metal, glass or ceramic component of your vaporizer.
    5. Discard Grime Stick.
    6. Rinse external vaporizer component or heat up the vaporizer to remove excess ethyl particles in chamber.
    7. Repeat as needed.