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  • Qaromashop Taroma Lite Plus Aromatheraphy Device DIY Kit

    Introducing the Taroma Lite Plus ā€“ a cutting-edge desktop vaporizer engineered to elevate your vaping experience to new heights! Meticulously crafted with precision and the latest technology, this device redefines the capabilities of a 20mm coil while retaining the unique essence of the beloved Taroma Lite.
    The standout feature of the Taroma Lite Plus is its extended gemstone chamber, which houses approximately 95% of gemstones in the "Heater Coil Zone." This ingenious design prevents concentrates from vaporizing instantly and allows them to fall into the "Heater Coil Zone," resulting in a highly efficient and consistent vaping experience. Moreover, the cap area provides an additional 5%-6% space, enhancing the device's double-decker performance and further pushing its capabilities.

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    The gemstone chamber typically accommodates around 300-310pcs of 3mm Rubies. However, for users seeking more capacity, a few threads on the cap can be sacrificed to increase the gemstone chamber's size even further.
    To accommodate the increased depth, the Taroma Lite Plus features extra airflow, carefully chamfered to ensure optimal airflow and concentrate usage. Despite the deeper gemstone chamber, the device remains lightweight, weighing only 23g, thanks to its reduced diameter.
    For an ideal vaping experience, it is recommended to start at temperatures around 400Ā° F no higher than 509Ā°F - so you can gradually adjust to your desired level. To ensure a secure fit, stretch the coil slightly longer than the gemstone chamber's length and then compress it back (similar to a spring) with the cap.
    Please note that only compatible coils should be used with the Taroma Lite Plus, following the Coil Pinout: Coil (Male 5 pin XLR connector) PIN 1 = TC-, PIN 2 = TC+, PIN 3 = GND, PIN 4 = AC-, PIN 5 = AC+.
    During extended periods of non-use, the Taroma Lite Plus Stand may become warm to the touch however, it remains safe to handle for a few seconds.
    The Taroma Lite Plus caters to those in need of small-scale, ultra-clean convection heating at precise temperatures. Its standard laboratory glass sizes make customization easy, allowing you to adapt the Taroma Lite Plus to suit your preferences. With no fixed usage methods, this versatile device offers an unmatched vaping experience. Each Taroma Lite Plus includes approximately 330pcs of 3mm Rubies.

    How to Use Taroma Lite Plus:

    To enjoy the Taroma Lite Plus to the fullest, follow these simple steps:

    • Assemble the Taroma Lite Plus by attaching the 20mm coil to the titanium housing and placing the glass bowl on top.
    • Connect the Taroma Lite Plus PID controller to the coil and power supply.
    • Set up the Taroma Lite Plus on the Taroma Lite Plus Suet Jade Porcelain Stand.
    • Load your concentrate into the gemstone chamber, ensuring not to overfill it. The normal capacity is approximately 300-310 pieces of 3mm rubies.
    • Power on the PID controller and set it to your desired temperature. Start at temperatures around 400Ā° F and no higher than 509Ā°F - so you can adjust gradually to your preference.
    • When you're finished using the Taroma Lite Plus, turn off the PID controller and disconnect it from the coil and power supply.
    • Clean the Taroma Lite Plus by removing any remaining concentrate from the gemstone chamber and wiping down the glass bowl with rubbing alcohol or another appropriate cleaning solution.
    • Remember, the coil should be stretched slightly longer than the gemstone chamber's length and then compressed back with the cap for a snug fit. Always use compatible coils and the provided components for safety and optimal performance.

    What's in the Box:

    The Taroma Lite Plus DIY kit includes the following components:

    • Taroma Lite Plus Titanium Housing: The main body is made of GR2 titanium, designed to hold the gemstone chamber and heating coil.
    • Taroma Lite Plus 14mm Dimpled Short Glass Bowl: The glass bowl that sits on top of the titanium housing and holds the concentrate.
    • Taroma Lite Plus 18mm Dimpled Short Glass Bowl: The glass bowl that sits on top of the titanium housing and holds the concentrate.
    • 20mm Test Fitted Taroma Lite Plus Coil: The heating coil is inserted into the titanium housing and connected to the PID controller.
    • Taroma Lite Plus PID Controller with Australian Power Plug: The temperature control device that regulates the heating coil's temperature.
    • Taroma Lite Plus Coil Handle: A handle that attaches to the heating coil, making it easier to insert and remove from the titanium housing.
    • Taroma Lite Plus Suet Jade Porcelain Stand: A stable base on which the Taroma Lite Plus rests during use.
    • Rubie Packs: Packs of around 330 pieces of 3mm rubies are used in the gemstone chamber to ensure even heat distribution and prevent overheating.
    • Pack 17mm Stainless Steel Screens: Screens that can be used to prevent any solid particles from entering the glass bowl and being inhaled.
    • Free Stainless Steel Scoop + Stirring Tool: A tool for scooping and stirring the concentrate in the gemstone chamber.Ā 

    PleaseĀ note:

    • This vaporizer is designed for enthusiasts seeking a powerful experience. It is recommended for macro dosing. To use this device, you will require a waterpipe with either a 14mm or 18mm stem. We suggest using a stemless dab-style waterpipe with a vertical chamfer and a percolator for optimal performance.
    • Please handle the assembly with care, as the handle assembly can be delicate. Take extra caution during assembly to avoid any mishaps.
    • Before setting up the vaporizer, ensure that your desk has enough space to accommodate the PID, waterpipe, stand, heater, and cable management. Approximately enough space for a medium-sized laptop should suffice.
    • While the device is powered on, it is essential to use the stand in conjunction with the coaster. Failing to do so may cause damage to the surface on which the heater is resting.
    • Never leave this device unattended while in use, as it exposes a heater coil and improper use or negligence can lead to damage or harm.
    • The ruby pearls should have enough room to rattle slightly, but be mindful that they should not have enough room to slap the ends when shaking the device.
    • For all Qaromashop products with heater coils, it is advisable to heat the coils to release any potential manufacturing residue. Additionally, ensure to wipe or wash the bowls before using them.
    • Please understand that the glass components are hand-made, and as a result, there may be some minor inconsistencies in the aesthetics. However, rest assured that they will function as intended unless broken.

    When placing your order for this item, kindly indicate whether you'd prefer us to perform the assembly before shipping. (*Assembly includes handle, heater coil, and housing - please note that no water pipe is included.)

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