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    Blue Alert Glass Waterpipe

    Take your smoking experience to the next level with The Blue Alert Glass Waterpipe.

    This bold, eye-catching piece offers an exciting combination of With Blue coloured detail on the thick glass base tapered mouthpiece rim, and internal dome it's an eye-catcher and creates a smoother vaporizing experience, taking your session to the stars!


    • All glass setup for a clean taste
    • Dome perc for extra filtration and a smooth hit.
    • Made of Borosilicate (Pyrex ) Glass.
    • Fixed glass stem with lift out glass cone for air intake
    • Blue painted detail on base| mouthpiece and internal dome filter
    • Thick solid glass base for extra stability


    • Height: 290mm
    • Neck Diameter: 28mm
    • Body Diameter: 50mm
    • Base Diameter: 95mm
    • Glass Thickness: 4mm
    • Shot : No
    • 18mm Female Connector for easy connection to a ball vape or portable vaporizer with a waterpipe attachment.

    Now available at our local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!