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    Camouflet Convector Titanium

    Convector embodies simplicity through its compact and minimalist design, centred around a convection-focused heater. Tailored for everyone from novices to seasoned users, the convector seamlessly marries ease of use with expert performance. This heating powerhouse defies its size, promising a satisfying experience for discerning palates. 

    Diverse Choices, Tailored Experience

    Your journey with Convector begins with a choice between two distinct air path tubes ‚Äď the single-bore, high-flow ceramic tube or the quad-bore cooling tube. The single-bore variant offers smoother draws and remarkable flavour, while the quad-bore option prioritizes cooling and draw control.

    Innovation in Heating Design

    Pioneering a low thermal mass heater design, Convector redefines rapid heating and cooling times, setting new standards for efficiency.

    Key Features;

    • Camo Cap:¬† Through meticulous testing,¬†the¬†1mm space between the heater plate and intake holes is designed to enhance the Camo cap performance. Laser-welded with three "dot" markings, the heater plates remain securely in place, ensuring flawless operation.

    • Stem: Boasting an 8mm precision bore throughout, the stem adapts effortlessly to your preferred chamber or mouthpiece. Enhanced fitting and assembly ease for ceramic tubes and o-rings accompany a refined mouthpiece taper, now optimized for snug integration with 10mm glass joints.

    • Chamber: The ceramic tube fits into the back/male connection of the chamber, with the overall assembly streamlined with a single o-ring. Chamber connection extensions fortify the linkage to the stem, and careful alignment safeguards the chamber o-rings during assembly.

    • Modular Design: The stems, chambers, and other 8mm accessories¬†are¬†interchangeable, allowing you to tailor your experience.

    Convector Titanium Kit Includes:

    • 1x Convector Device
    • 1x¬†Titanium Convector Cap
    • 1x Titanium¬†Chamber with O-Rings
    • 1x Titanium Stem
    • 1x Single Bore Ceramic Tube or Quad Bore Ceramic Tube
    • 1x Bamboo Carrying Tube

    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!