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    Dynavap Chill Steel Pipe

    The DynaVap Chill Steel Pipe is the way to go if you're looking for a reliable vaporizer pipe that's as tough as it looks. This chic and sophisticated piece of craftsmanship combines durable stainless steel and aluminum with a borosilicate glass bowl piece for the ultimate low-maintenance smoking experience. Forget about the hassle of using cleaners, simply use ISO on this ceramic-interior waterpipe–you'll be good to go!

    This piece stands an impressive 13" tall with an 8.5" neckpiece that allows you to add ice; your chill experience will last up to 12 hours. Satisfy not only your style taste but also your needs, because this waterpipe pairs perfectly with all DynaVap vaporizers, including the VonG (i) and "B" natively, while needing just an adaptor for the "M" and Omni models.

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