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  • Dynavap Metal Stash Tube

    The DynaVap Metal Stash is the perfect travel companion for DynaVap users. This stash is built tough and will protect your precious herbs and DynaVap vaporizer from the elements. Unscrew the top lid to access the herb stash and fill it with your herb of choice. Unscrew a little further down to store your VapCap.

    Throw some whole flower into the herb chamber for easy access to your favorite herbal remedies. Grind some flower and fill the chamber for a quick and easy way to load a session. Open it up, insert the stem with a few twists to fill the tip, and you’re good to go.

    The top of this stash tube also contains a small cooling magnet with decapper. Unscrew it and place it anywhere to hold your VapCap upright or store/remove a hot cap at the end of your session. This V2 Model has an improved decapper around the magnet for easy removal.

    Compatible with:

    The DynaVap Metal Stash chamber is 101mm in length. It will hold all standard length stems including all DynaVap M and VonG models. It will NOT hold the Omni vaporizers or anything similar in length.

    Now available online for delivery Australia wide or by visiting one of our Melbourne Vape Shops located across Melbourne!