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    Fenix Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The Fenix Mini stands as the ultimate embodiment of convection technology and performance. Its innovative design and patented convection heating system set it apart from existing models on the market. Remarkably, the Fenix Mini employs a groundbreaking 100% air-based heating approach, resulting in an exceptionally clean and flavorful vapour experience wherever you may be.

    Featuring an OLED screen with adjustable temperature settings spanning from 160¬įC to 221¬įC (320¬įF to 430¬įF) in precise one-degree increments, the Fenix Mini excels in maintaining the perfect temperature for your vaping preferences.

    Key Features of the Fenix Mini Vaporizer:

    • Patented Parallel Convection Airflow Heating Technology: Experience vapour purity through 100% air-based heating, ensuring unmatched vapour quality.

    • Extended 40-Minute Battery Life: Enjoy prolonged vaping sessions with the impressive continuous use battery life.

    • Stainless Steel Bowl: The high-quality stainless steel bowl guarantees durability and efficient heat distribution.

    • Enhanced Grip: The rubberized body offers an ergonomic and secure grip for comfortable usage.

    • Rapid Heating: Experience quick sessions with the Fenix Mini's fast 20 to 30-second heating time.

    • Isolated Air Path: Enjoy peace of mind with a fully isolated air path that directs air intake through a food-grade metal path directly to the chamber.

    • Versatile Compatibility: The vaporizer accommodates dry herbs, wax, shatter, and most stable oils, even those that are solid at room temperature.

    • Magnetic Glass Lined Mouthpiece: The removable and cleanable glass lined mouthpiece features magnetic technology for convenience.

    • Temperature Display: The unit displays both the set temperature and effective temperature, along with the countdown to the automatic shut-off.

    • Temperature Status Light: The red or green status light, complete with a backlit glass vapor path, provides instant temperature feedback.

    • Generous Herb Chamber: The large herb chamber can hold up to 0.15 grams of dried herbs.

    • Compact Design: The vaporizer boasts compact dimensions of 80.0mm * 25.0mm * 50.0mm and a lightweight profile of 135 grams.

    • Convenient USB Charging: The USB charging port under the device allows easy charging, while the 4-minute auto shut-off enhances safety.

    • Comprehensive Safety Features: Enjoy a range of safety protections, including overcharge/over-discharge protection, overcurrent/short circuit protection, overheat protection, open load protection, and sensor error protection.

    What's in the box?

    • (1) x Fenix Mini Convection Vaporizer
    • (1) x Silicon Seal With Replacement Screen
    • (1) x Quartz Tank For Concentrates
    • (1) x Cleaning Brush
    • (1) x Wax Tool
    • (1) x USB Cable
    • (1) x Tweezer

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