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    Flower Mill Next Gen Premium 2.0" Stainless Series

    The Flower Mill Next Gen Premium Mills provide huge grinding/milling capacity relative to their size, along with super smooth function and excellent performance. Flower Mill have taken on all feedback from the original mills and come out with a product which far surpasses it. The Next Gen Mills are mills are stronger, smoother to use, mill herb even better and are easier to dismantle and clean.


    • Thicker materials for increased strength and durability, to ensure long lasting use.
    • Engineered with high-quality, BPA-free plastic bushing and thrust washer for optimized performance.
    • New one-piece rotor knob with more aggressive flutes and rigid mill plates for a faster and lower effort milling experience.
    • Equipped with an all new removable stainless steel pollen screen machined for precision pollen collection and consistent particle separation. 
    • Enhanced ergonomics with a larger diameter and taller knob for a comfortable grip, and an improved storage ring with a knurled surface for easy removal. 
    • New one-piece precision cut food grade stainless steel mill plate (#3 - Medium) with an integrated center rod, perfect for all types of consumption types.

    All Next Gen Premium Mills come with a precision cut pollen screen and can be used as 3 or 4 piece setups without the need to purchase other parts if you don't want to use a pollen screen! Like the originals the Next Gen Mills also separate larger stems during milling, retaining them above the mill plate. Mill Plates are now available individually allowing you to purchase only the one or ones you want to use, our preference is either the provided medium mill plate (included) or the #2 Fine Mill Plate, depending on which vape the herb is going in. 

    Compatible Mill Plates to change your grind can be found here


    Capacity - up to 2g

    Construction - Stainless Steel Mills use a Stainless Rotor Knob and top ring.

    Dimensions - 2.1in (54mm) W x 1.6in (41mm) H

    Mass - 183g

    Now available in store from your localMelbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!