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    Full Metal Jacket ( FMJ )

    Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

    Meet the FMJ. A Full Metal Jacket is constructed to extract a full chamber in 1 heat cycle. Made from 99.99% Copper, the FMJ can transform your cap into a powerful one-hitter. How? Simply slide the jacket onto a CAPTIVE CAP. The FMJ will change the way you use a DynaVap vapcap.

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    Now available in-store from your localĀ Melbourne Vape ShopsĀ or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!

    Why Copper?

    The use of copper on the cap eliminates the need to rotate your tip to get an even heat up. It acts as a thermal reservoir that holds heat and evenly distributes it, allowing YOU to choose how dense and dark you want your extraction during your first heat cycle. The copper jacket also acts as a better buffer for combustion, allowing you to worry less about your reaction time after theĀ click.Ā 

    Heat It Up

    Our signature logo is more than a symbol of authenticity. The logo on the FMJ serves as a visual reference point for your torch.

    For the perfect heat up, direct the flame at the Simrell logo. As the copper heats up, it will begin to change color. When this ā€œhot-spotā€ is the size of the logo, you're at the perfect distance to heat the cap. Once it clicks, you will have approximately 60 seconds to clear the bowl.

    Advanced Heat MethodĀ 

    By covering the airport on your stem, you will increase the pressure and the temperature inside of the chamber, resulting in the darkest roast possible. If you leave the airport wide open during your session, you will have lower pressure in the chamber and get a low temp, less dense extraction. To modify your roast, adjust the chamber heat/pressure by adjusting your airport usage.


    Simply use vinegar or ketchup to clean the FMJ, restore its color, and bring it back to life.Ā 

    PLEASE NOTE** Captive cap, Titanium & MVS sold separately.