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  • Iceborn V2 by Zeus Arsenal

    The Iceborn V2 is a revolutionary must-have vaporiser accessory item created by ZEUS engineers based on customer survey data. From this data, ZEUS solves the Vaporising dilemma by using ice to dramatically cool down vapour. 

    All other previous attempts to cool vapour and eliminate coughing and throat irritation caused by hot vapour have been with water filtration systems. Water filtration is inferior to ice filtration for 3 reasons: 1) essential oils are lost in the water, making them inefficient; 2) the clouds are less dense; and 3) they are messy, fragile and high maintenance. Another bonus? Vapour cooled through the ZEUS Iceborn is virtually odourless!

    The Zeus Iceborn v2 vape cooler fixes all of these issues offering cooler draws, bigger clouds and increased efficiency in a compact, sexy package that can be used with most vaporisers (please see a full list below), simply and easily. 

    What's different in the V2 Update: The Zeus Iceborn 2 has recently been updated making it easier to use than ever. The V2 update adds the "aluminium heat exchanger", in place of the multiple aluminium tubes that used to comprise the vapour path. This makes the Iceborn V2 easier to assemble, dissemble, and clean. 

    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide! 


    The Zeus Iceborn 2 vape cooler is compatible with any vaporiser that has a 6.5mm to 11mm diameter mouthpiece (essentially any unit that you can connect a whip to the mouthpiece). The ZEUS Iceborn is compatible with:

    • ZEUS Arc Series (with Iceborn Adapter¬†Sold Separately)
    • Utillian 722
    • Utillian 721
    • Utillian 620
    • Arizer Solo
    • Arizer Solo 2
    • Arizer Air
    • Arizer Air 2
    • Arizer Go
    • DaVinci Miqro
    • DaVinci IQ
    • Storz and Bickel Crafty and Crafty Plus
    • Storz and Bickel Mighty and Mighty Plus
    • Arizer V-Tower
    • Arizer Extreme Q
    • Storz and Bickel Plenty

    What's in the box?

    • 1x ZEUS Iceborn
    • 1x Aluminum Heat exchanger
    • 1x Bottom Tube Washer
    • 1x Top Tube Washer
    • 1x Short Whip S
    • 1x Short Whip M
    • 1x Long Whip
    • 1x Mouthpiece