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  • Mega Cube Glass Waterpipe

    The Mega Cube Glass Waterpipe is a heavyweight bubbler option for people who like to have options but also really hate knocking their glass over! The Mega Cube Glass Waterpipe has a matrix style percolator for the main down stem which provides incredibly free flowing air into the mammoth bubbler section. Alongside the Matrix Percolator is a removable slitted down stem with a 10mm port in the top for use with DynaVaps and other small 10mm setups. Each option can be sealed off with the provided stoppers to use one port at a time or they can both be run simultaneously for extra vapor! The additional port can also be used with the 14mm stopper as a carb/rush hole to clear your bubbler of vapor.  

    Please Note: a 14mm water pipe adaptor(WPA) is required to connect your vaporizer to this bubbler/water pipe.


    • Mega Cube Glass Waterpipe
    • 14mm Straight Mouthpiece
    • 14mm Removeable Down Stem  with 10mm joint
    • 14mm Whip Adapter, Silicone Whip and Glass Mouthpiece
    • 14mm Stopper (for extra port)
    • 14mm Stopper (for removable down stem)
    • 14mm Keck Clip for Securing Whip Adapter

    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!