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  • Xmax V3 Pro Rattler

    Looking to get the most out of your Xmax V3 Pro? Look no further than the Rattler! This handy rocket glass stem piece packs in cooling glass beads into a stubby cone-shaped insert designed for use with your Xmax V3 Pro's Glass Mouthpiece or Water Tool Adapter.

    With the Rattler, you can experience extra cool vapour from your Xmax V3 Pro even on the highest settings. Simply insert the Rattler into the base of your Water Tool Adapter or Glass Mouthpiece, and you'll be ready to get the most out of your Xmax V3 Pro.

    Please Note: To install this accessory, you must own the original Xmax V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece or Water Pipe Adaptor, as the base is not included. You can purchase the baseĀ here.


    Compatible with:Ā Xmax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

    What's in the box?

    • 1x Rattler for Xmax V3 Pro

    Now available in store from your localĀ Melbourne Vape Shops located in Dandenong, Frankston, Cheltenham and NunawadingĀ or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!