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    Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

    Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

    The Tinymight 2 vaporizer is the new standard in portable vapes, taking the impressive original Tinymight to new heights. It boasts an incredibly fast heat-up time and outstanding performance, instantly delivering thick, flavorful clouds.

    Tips for charging: Tinymight recommend either an external battery charger or a USC-C charger that outputs no more than 5 volts at 3 amps. Anything higher may damage your vaporizer.

    Key Features:

    • On-Demand Mode: Press the button to inhale, effortlessly achieving quick pre-heat and dense clouds.
    • Session Mode: Maintain desired heat intensity for efficient bowl consumption.
    • High-Power Convection Heating: Draws hot air through the herb for optimal vaporization.
    • Fast Heat Up: Approximately 2 seconds for rapid vaping.
    • Adjustable Herb Chamber: Customize chamber size with the sliding cooling unit.
    • Replaceable 18650 Battery: Easy battery swapping for continuous use and longevity.
    • USB-C Charging: Rapid and efficient charging with USB-C technology.

    What's New in Tinymight 2:

    • American Walnut Wood: Improved insulation and solid feel in hand.
    • Larger Size: Enhanced heat insulation, robust construction, and advanced electronics.
    • Updated Battery Lid: Easier battery exchange without additional tools.
    • Included Multitool: Convenient tool for various adjustments and handling.
    • New Finish on Metal Parts: Scratch-resistant for long-lasting beauty.
    • USB-C Quick Charge: Efficient charging with various adaptors.
    • General Robustness: Strengthened construction for long-term use.
    • Improved Taste: Tighter heater control for evenly vaped, tasty vapour.
    • Enhanced Electronics: A redesigned system for improved performance.

    The Tinymight 2 is a true masterpiece, surpassing most portable and desktop vaporizers with its remarkable vapour output.

    Looking for accessories and spares for your Tinymight? Click here

    • Heating technology

      Stainless steel 70W

    • Heat up time

      2-5 seconds

    • Temperature adjustment

      120-240 degrees Celsius / 250 - 460 F

    • Battery type

      18650 Li-ion (Molicell or Samsung 25R Reccomended)

    • Charging technology

      internal USB charging, 2A

    • Materials

      Solid oak, Stainless steel, Quartz glass, Aluminum

    • Vapor cooling

      Stainless steel cooling unit

    • Temperature control

      highly accurate regulation, +- 1 degree

    • Dimensions

      80 x 56 mm / 3.1" x 2.2"

    Whats in the box?
    • Tinymight 2 thermal extraction device
    • One x 55 mm glass tube
    • cooling unit
    • 1 battery Molicel P26A or P28A 18650 Battery
    • One x 80mm titanium tube (included back due to popular demand since 10/01/23)
    • Spare parts kit including o-rings and screens
    • charging cable USB-C to USB-C
    • carrying pouch
    • instructions manual

    The Tinymight 2 available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops located in Dandenong, Cheltenham, Frankston and Nunawading or Order onlinefor prompt delivery Australia Wide!