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    Dynavap Titanium Performance Kit

    Meet the Simrell Titanium Performance Kit. This kit is a collaborative project between DynaVap founder George Breiwa and Austyn Simrell to merge the original airflow characteristics of the Dynavap product line with the cooling power of the Vortex Intercooler. Now you can easily add cooling to your Dynavap ā€œMā€, Vong, or any 62mm stem. Just swap out your condenser for the Performance Kit.

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    Now available in-store from your localĀ Melbourne Vape ShopsĀ or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!

    Please note: This performance kit is NOT adaptable to the Dynavap Omni or Vortex System.

    Kit includes:

    • Precision-notched Titanium Dynavap Condenser
    • Titanium IntercoolerĀ 

    Updated feature:

    • Extra o-ring groove (compared to the previous Performance Kit model)
    • Use of the additional o-ring restricts the airport for tighter airflow and allows use with a water piece
    • Backward compatible with older DynaVap modelsĀ 

    The precision-notched titanium condenser enables the intercooler to sit inside the condenser. With this optimized design, you can get the same Dynavap extraction profile with added cooling. This design also creates a screw-like interface, locking the intercooler into position and allowing us to get a larger diameter cooler inside of the condenser. This combination allows for an excellent hands-free experience as the negative pressure from the intercooler inside allows for a perfect fresh air/extraction ratio balance. No need to mess with the airport if you donā€™t want to.