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  • July 07, 2017

    When it comes to ensuring your vape is maintained to blow smooth clouds of vapour, there is more to it than just changing the coil or popping in a battery. Vape batteries aren’t like AA models you can steal from your remote control — they’re high-capacity power cells that must be carefully handled. 
    Before your vape explodes like the Samsung Note 7 or hoverboards featured in news articles, our blog will give you all the ins and outs aboutvape battery safety. From basicvape battery tips to identifying the signs of damaged vape batteries and safevape battery disposal, reading over these must-know tips will help you extend your battery life and vaping experience.

    A quick guide on battery safety for vape devices. We created this video to show our customers how to care for there batteries used in there starter kits and mods. Video was filmed at our Vape shop located in Nunawading, Melbourne Australia.

    Use the right vaping battery

    It sounds simple enough, but regular battery cells can't deliver the capacity needed to consistently power your devices, especially if you enjoy sub-ohm and high-wattage vaping or take long extended draws. Most vapes that require external batteries are designed to accommodate sizes like 18650 or 21700 with varying capacities, ranging from 2,500 mAh to 4,000 mAh, which determines how much power they can feed your device.

    While choosing a high-capacity battery is convenient, especially as high-wattage vaping drains batteries quicker, it's crucial to confirm whether your battery can accept the voltage output of your charger. This simple step is one of the best ways to ensure yourvape battery safely charges. Additionally, ensure your battery can maintain a high continuous discharge rate (CDR) to safely handle the level of current your vape requires to prevent overheating, leaks or reduced battery lifespan.

    Safely charging your vape battery

    Batteries can be fickle things — they run out just as you need them. While lithium batteries don’t respond well to being depleted to zero, they don’t favour being overly charged either, which can lead to them venting and catching fire. We recommend avoiding charging them overnight, checking on them periodically and ending their charge cycle once they return to full capacity.

    Additionally, lithium batteries have a limited number of cycles before they start to lose capacity. If you want to prolong their lifespan, try thisvape battery tip. Charge them in stages and take breaks during their charging cycle to reduce the pressure they’re exposed to. While this takes a few extra steps than letting them refuel all at once, it will help to protect your batteries as they discharge.

    While all vapes feature ports that allow you to charge them in your device, we suggest using an external battery charger designed to discharge power at a consistent current without overloading your battery. As one of the core vape battery safety tips any vaper worth their salt can tell you, it prevents your mod and battery from overheating, which can reduce their lifespan.

    Marry your batteries

    If you’re using a dual-battery vape mod, select a pair of batteries from the same brand with the same capacity and have been charged simultaneously. This allows for superiorvape battery handling as they can better export a consistent current to your device.

    While vaping, your device assumes both batteries have the same capacity and will split its load across the two power cells. If one battery is further discharged than the other, it can overwork the battery above its safe limits. However, there comes a point where your vape no longer lasts as long as it once did. Take the cue and replace them as needed.

    No glove, no love!

    Unlike conventional batteries, vape batteries feature a thin membrane separating the battery's positive and negative ends. To prevent improper connections, use a battery wrap to enclose your power cell. Or, if your existing wrap features a tear, swaddling it with a new wrap is an easy and instantaneous way to prolong the life of your battery and prevent you from needing to replace it earlier than necessary.

    Vape battery handling — storing your power cells

    The general rule is if your batteries aren’t being held in your device, they should be stored in a battery storage case. While we are all a little scared of losing power mid-vape and might have a spare battery tucked loosely in a pocket or bag, the constant friction of it being rubbed against other items or dropped can damage the battery’s thin membrane and cause it to vent and explode. 

    Your battery should also stay out of extreme temperatures where high heat (above 40℃) can help deplete your battery quicker or cause it to potentially vent and explode. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place without direct exposure to sunlight or other heat sources.

    Proper vape battery disposal

    While replacing spent batteries is inconvenient, they can harm the environment significantly, leaching chemicals into soil and water if disposed of in general waste or household recycling. Instead, look for adedicated battery recycling centre that can safely handle them.

    How to spot the common signs of damaged vape batteries

    There are several common signs ofdamaged vape batteries. If you notice any of the following signs, it's important to take them seriously and address the issue promptly:

    • Physical damage — If it’s showing physical signs of dents, punctures, bulging or tears in the battery wrap, it’s good to assume that it’s already damaged.
    • Decreased lifespan — It doesn’t maintain the same capacity or discharge.
    • Overheating — Your battery and vape are hot to the touch.
    • Leaking or corrosion — You can see signs of crystallised liquid emanating from the battery or crusted over connections in your vape’s battery carriage.

    Create a smooth vaping experience at Wick and Wire Co today

    Maintaining your vape’s battery safety is incredibly important for yourself and the environment while maintaining a lasting and exciting vaping experience. If you’re looking to build a setup you can rely on, Wick and Wire Co offers an expansive range of  batteries and charges that will safely power your mod for years to come. To get the most out of your vaping, we invite you to review our ultimate guide to vape devices, or for friendly advice, feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help.

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