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  • September 05, 2022

    Many people come to vaping in order to quit smoking — but once they’re part of the vaping world, they discover a wondrous world full of unique vaping devices and luscious eliquid flavours to tickle their fancy. Andwith more shopping options than ever before, it can all be a little overwhelming, even if you’re a seasoned vaper. So, let's take a look at buyingvapes online vs. shopping in-store for a vape to blow Os — and discuss some of the pros and cons for each. 

    Shopping at online vape stores

    Before vaping transformed into its own subculture and community, buying avape online used to be the only way you could get your hands on one for chasing clouds in Australia. Accordingly,online vape stores have remained an important part of the vaping community. You'll find a plethora of possibilities when shopping at thebest online vape stores in Australia — like Wick and Wire Co!  

    Some of the advantages of buying from anonline vape store include:

  • Discover an expansive range of products

  • If you’re looking to build an RDA atomizer, source devices from niche suppliers and discover exotic eliquids from international labels, shopping forvapes online allows you to take control. You’ll be able to find specialised parts your localvape store might not be able to commercially offer. 

  • Easily source new and popular releases

  • Whether you’re too pressed for time at work or don’t have avape store nearby, shopping at anonline vape store ensures guaranteed delivery. You’ll be able to secure the latest and hottest products conveniently, without risking your localvape store selling out or waiting for them to receive their stock.

  • Compare products
  • When buyingvapes online, it can be easier to compare a range of products side by side, read reviews by customers and consider in-depth reviews left by notable vloggers on YouTube. With so much information at your fingertips, you can consider a wider range of devices to ensure you enjoy the vaping experience you expect.

  • Enjoy delivery straight to your doorstep

  • Finding thebest online vape store in Australia is like finding a cafe with the best coffee — once you discover it, it will be too difficult to consider another place. Whether you’ve moved homes or have no nearby results when you search ‘vape stores near me’, anonline vape store allows you to buy everything you need at one place and get them delivered to your door no matter where you live for more convenience. Additionally, with increasingly quicker delivery times and same-day dispatching, you’ll never wait too long to start billowing clouds. 

    However, online isn’t always the best way to make a vape purchase. One of the downsides ofonline vape stores is you’re buying vapes without seeing them in person or getting instant feedback from an in-store sales assistant. With vapes coming in a range of vibrant colourways, you can never be too sure whether your device will match the photo online and how ergonomic it will feel in hand. 

    While many sites featurestaff picks for vapes and eliquids to get personalised recommendations, they might not offer the in-depth recommendations a sales associate can give you. That’s where brick and mortar stores come into play. 

    Shopping for vapes in-store

    With the increasing popularity of vaping, you’ll findvape stores popping up throughout metro cities and even regional towns. Whether you’re new to vaping or prefer the attentive service you receive from retail associates, there are many reasons to visit a ‘vape store near me.

  • Expert recommendations

  • When you visit avape store, sales associates can use their professional and personal experience to find a vape that matches your preferences. You’ll get the chance to get acquainted with each model you’re interested in and ask questions to learn how to use it. 

  • No waiting to receive the vape you want
  • Shopping at avape shop in Melbourne and Australia allows you to get instant feedback and repour to help you decide whatstarter kit is suitable for you, match a coil to a tank and eliquid or assist you in choosing the besttools for rebuildable atomizers. Additionally, many kits come partially charged, so you can quickly get accustomed to your vape and chase clouds.

  • Connect with a wider community
  • From comparing devices you haven’t considered before, sharing tips to optimise your experience or just making a new mate, shopping at avape store introduces you to a community of like-minded vapers who share the same passion for blowing Os and sampling a diverse range of eliquid flavours.

    However, there are also times when it’s better to shop online. When you’re excited to get your hands on the vape you’ve spent some time researching, it can be frustrating to find your localvape store closed or out of stock. 

    So what’s best — online vape stores or in-store?

    Both shopping online and in-store offer their own pros and cons, but neither is really “best”. In fact, it’s rare to find a vaping enthusiast who hasn’t done both at some stage. So why not have a shop around for yourself and see what works best for your needs? 

    Easily shop from the best vape shop in Melbourne and online at Wick and Wire Co

    Here atWick and Wire Co, we have the best of both worlds. With a broad network ofvape shops in Melbourne and an online vape store stocking one of the largest ranges of vapes, vape juices, dry herb vaporizers and accessories in the country, you can get your vaping accessories delivered anywhere across Australia.

    When you’re shopping from the bestvape shop in Melbourne and Australia, you’re choosing from a range of thelatest releases in the industry and some of the bestupcoming products to hit Australia. Whether you’re visiting us in person orreaching out to us online, you’re speaking to a team of vapers who can help you find a vape you can rely on or help you customise a rebuildable mod to get a smooth and rich vape every time.

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