Charlie Noble

Since it’s launch in mid-2014 from their base of operations located just outside of Baltimore, MD, Charlie Noble has quickly taken the e-liquid market by storm. Now Charlie Noble is available at Wick And Wire Co to sample at Melbourne, Australia's largest ejuice bar or order online. Available in 30ML and 120ML in Zero Nicotine Strength.

 Founded by Bryan Walker, Loria Schiesser, and Jason Dowling, in conjunction with their Juicemaker, M. Topolski and Asst. Juicemaker Calvin Lane, Charlie Noble has exploded onto the scene, gaining almost instant popularity thanks to their excellent flavors at a price point that was previously unheard of in the premium e-liquid industry.  

They are vapers first and foremost, after all, with a commitment to serving the vape community.  This commitment fuels their desire to bring a high quality, complex, interesting e-juice line to life, at a price almost everyone can afford. Charlie Noble is made in their laboratory environment and is produced using the highest quality PG, VG, flavouring, using cGMP practices. We believe that you will taste the difference.

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