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  • QaromaShop Titanium Injector / Diffuser Bowl

    QaromaShop's Titanium Injector / Diffuser Bowl is crafted from high-quality GR2 Titanium. This sweet multi-purpose bowl works for all QaromaShop models listed below, however, it's also compatible with a wide variety of injector and 22mm diffuser housings. The sliding collar is adjustable to form a seal with your housing of choice. Featuring a stepped 14mm / 18mm connection this bowl has maximum compatibility with your entire glass collection.

    Works with 17mm screens for a loose fit that is easy to remove or swap in 18mm (3/4 in.) screens for a sturdier friction fit that is harder to remove.

    What's Included:

    • Titanium Injector / Diffuser Bowl w/ Handle

    Compatible With:

    • Taroma Lite Titanium Housing
    • Taroma Lite Plus Kit
    • Taroma Lite XL Titanium Housing
    • Taroma OG Titanium Housing
    • Taroma 2.0 Titanium Housing
    • Taroma 3.0 Titanium Kit
    • Ceroma Ceramic Housing
    • Qaroma Quartz Housing
    • Qaroma XL Quartz Housing
    • Baroma OG Brass Housing
    • Baroma 2.0 Brass Housing
    • Staroma Lite Plus Stainless Steel Housing
    • Staroma OG Stainless Steel Housing
    • Staroma 2.0 Stainless Steel Housing
    • Staroma 3.0 Stainless Steel Housing