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  • September 01, 2022

    Originally a little behind other parts of the world, Australians are now becoming more and more invested in the world of vaping and all of the appealing factors that give it the edge over smoking. From portable vapes to desktop vapes designed to enhance the flavour of your kush in all its subtle glory, there are a tremendous amount of dry herb vaporizers  on the market waiting to be discovered. 

    If you’re a little green to the world of herb vaping, the sheer volume of dry herb vaporizing devices can be overwhelming. Which is the best dry herb vape out there? And how do you decide what features are right for you? If you’ve been struggling to make a purchase or just can’t figure out the difference between herb vape models, don’t panic — Wick and Wire Co is here to help. 

    We’ve scoured offerings from the top brands worldwide to bring you the best dry herb vaporizers in every category. From the small and discreet to the best performers with plants, concentrates and wax resins, you’re sure to discover the herb vape of your dreams in our collection of winners. 

    We find the best Dry Herb Vaporizers in Australia

    When it comes to finding the best dry herb vape for Australian customers, there are a lot of factors to consider. From practical considerations like the size to models that suit beginners, and devices made specifically for flowers, we couldn’t pick just one. So, without further ado, here are the winners of the best dry herb vaporizer. 

    The hunt for the best dry herb vaporizers of 2022

    We’ve selected our winner based on outstanding performance in a particular category. With our staff favourite, think of it as a Miss Congeniality, a great all-around performer that we couldn’t help but fall in love with. Now, onto the winners!

    • Best performer on a budget: Xmax V3 Pro by XVape - The The V3 Pro is  small, but it definitely delivers in terms of performance and features for its price. Easily our most budget-friendly option amongst these winners, the V3 Pro has a ceramic chamber for quick heat-up that produces both powerful effects at high temperatures and a satisfying herbaceous experience at lower heats. The V3 Pro easily tucks away into a pocket or purse, and with a 0.3-gram capacity, it’s a great alternative for new converts used to smoking. The Xvape brand is known for big clouds, and this little sucker is no exception. It’s low maintenance, has a strong battery life, and even has USB Type C Charge and a user serviceable battery. Now that’s a lot of performance in one little package!

    Buy XMAX V3 PRO HERBAL VAPORIZER  - Wick and Wire Co Melbourne Vape Shop, Victoria Australia

    • Most improved design: Pax 3.5 Complete- The Pax 3.5 Complete is new and fast becoming a fan favorite. At Wick and Wire Co, we were in awe of its incredible performance, vapour quality, durability and its sleek discrete design. It's also comes with some pretty advanced inbuilt tech which makes for a great experience. Unlike other vaporizers, the PAX has some pretty advanced features such as its ability to detect motion and the presence of the user’s lips on the mouthpiece which allows the unit to activate its intelligent cooling and heating system based on the user’s technique to ensure vaping efficiency - how cool is that! It even has a "party mode" and a host of hidden games which are bound to keep everyone entertained Its without a doubt the highest demanded vaporizers on the market today and an excellent vaporizer for groups who want a fun vaping experience.  

     Buy Pax 3.5 Complete - Wick and Wire Co Melbourne Vape Shop, Victoria Australia


    • Best for plant lovers:Storz and Bickel Crafty - From the makers of the Volcano and Mighty Herb Vaporizer, comes the Crafty Plus Portable Vaporizer one of the the most pocket friendly portable vaporizer in the Storz and Bickel line up. Crafty Plus new design has integrated carefully selected materials such as a ceramic-coated filling chamber which make it sturdy and resistant. With a combination of both convection and conduction heating methods, the Crafty Plus lets you vaporize your dry herbs quickly and with very satisfying draw results. It's unique and intuitive design lets the user create potent draws, maximise vapour quality, and enhance the vape session's quality.

    Buy CRAFTY PLUS BY STORZ AND BICKEL - Wick and Wire Co Melbourne Vape Shop, Victoria Australia

    • Staff favourite:Mighty Plus By Storz And Bickel—Say goodbye to harsh hits or hot spots with the Mighty Plus from Storz and Bickel. Highly rated by Wick and Wire Co staff, This is the best dry herb vape bar none for anyone who loves dense vapour and consistent delivery on flavour. One of the most unique features of the Mighty Plus is its use of convection and conduction heating methods that evenly extract all the botanic compounds from your herb without sacrificing any vapour hits in the process. A desktop-quality vape that’s still portable, the Mighty Plus is easy to charge and clean. The large filling chamber also makes it our go-to pick for sessions with mates, as it’s perfect for sharing. Buy MIGHTY PLUS BY STORZ AND BICKEL - Wick and Wire Co Melbourne Vape Shop, Victoria Australia

      And there you have it! Hopefully, no matter what features are most important to you in a dry herb vaporizer, you’ve found your perfect match in our winner’s circle of the best dry herb vapes on the market. 

      Wick and Wire Co — your home for all your Dry Herb Vaping needs. 

      At Wick and Wire Co we stock everything you need for the perfect Dry Herb Vaping experience. From portable vape cases to grinders and Dry Herb Vaporizers, we stock all your favorite brands like Pax, Xmax, Storz and Bickel, Dynavapand Zeus. Our staff are here to help you find the perfect vaping rig to suit your needs, no matter what they may be. Shop our full range of dry herb vaporizers today, and discover why we’re your destination for the best dry herb vapes in Australia.

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