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The new Flavour Cubes range was created for those vapers who need a little extra something from their juices. Consisting of Sugar Cubes and Ice Cubes, this range will allow you to add some extra oomph to your favourite flavours!



Sugar Cubes is a concentrated sweetener designed to, you guessed it, add some sweetness to your e-liquid. If you've ever loved a flavour but thought it wasn't quite sweet enough this will be perfect for you.



Ice Cubes is a concentrated cooling agent that will allow you to give any flavour a cold arctic blast, perfect for summer when you need that extra refreshment from the flavours you already love.

Plus as a special offer we have included both together as a bundle!

So how do you use these e-liquid additives? Don't vape them straight for a start, you won't be in for a good time. We suggest adding a couple of drops to your ready-to-vape juices and seeing how you like it, just remember to shake vigorously before testing it. If it isn't strong enough for you just add a little more. We suggest letting it steep for a couple of days before adding more though, and be aware that adding too much could make it unpleasant to vape, and/or gunk up your coils quickly.


So let's experiment and see what we come up with!