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  • June 08, 2023

    Dry herb vaping has been disrupting the way flower fanatics enjoy their herb medicinally and recreationally. While it’s a little different from ripping a bong or taking a toke from a joint, learning how to use a dry herb vape  will pay dividends in extracting its potent flavour and experiencing its sensory-boosting delights.

    From packing the chamber to getting your head around customising your vape, our dry herb vaporizer guide will give you all thedos and don’ts of dry herb vapes to ensure you can kit out your sessions for the most rewarding puff. Read on to get the most out of your devices.

    Fresh herb will give you an even and clean vape

    You can learn abouthow dry herb vapes work but the quality of your experience will largely depend on the flower you’re packing into your vaporizer’s chamber. Opting for flower that has been properly cured will ensure it evenly releases its oils and cannabinoids in its vapour without under or over-cooking. 

    Your herb should feel dry but hydrated — flower that is too moist won’t heat and release its vapour. If this is the case, leaving your storage container open over a short time will allow it to dry out. On the other hand, bud that is too dry and feels like it will turn into ash can taste stale and give you an unsatisfying short hit. To save your weed, add a sliver of orange peel into your storage container over a few hours.

    Use a grinder to maintain a smooth and even hit

    Using a manual or electric weed grinder is one of the biggestdos of dry herb vapes — cutting it into a medium grind will increase the surface area of your flower with more consistency than tearing it apart with your hands. This will allow your device to evenly heat and penetrate each flake to disperse its botanical oils and ensure you get a gratifying and flavourful puff every time.

    Having your flower with you at any moment will make it more convenient to vape on the go; however, you should only grind what you need for your current session. Over-grinding is a bigdon’t of weed vapes as it can make your flower quickly dry out, requiring you to play with orange peels to rehydrate it.

    When learninghow to use a dry herb vape, figuring out not to under or over-pack the chamber is a learning experience every vaper needs to go through. With a little trial and error, you’ll figure out the sweet spot for how much flower to add, as you want enough air to circulate to heat your flower. This also stops you from over-grinding your bud and drying it out to ensure you prepare just enough for your sesh.

    Choose a high-quality dry herb vape

    Investing in a high-quality dry herb vaporizer is one of the best things you can do to maintain a considerable level of control over your experience. Selecting a device from the leading brands will make learninghow to use a dry herb vape intuitive and ensure it will last years of casual and frequent use.

    The Storz & Bickel Mighty Plus offers an enduring design that makes it a frequent feature on manyweed vape guides. Its ceramic chamber allows you to evenly and near instantly heat your flower up to 210℃ without reaching the temperature before it starts to combust. With an ergonomic design that is comfortable in hand and a long-lasting battery, you can extract a full profile of compounds and get the most out of your weed.

    For those wanting a device designed around convenience, the Zeuz Arc GTS Hub uses gold to heat your herb more efficiently. It allows you to use either a pod system or directly fill the chamber to enjoy long sessions at home or vape on the go with ease.

    Observe your vape’s temperature

    Setting your vaporizer’s temperature will give you more control over your experience. Generally, you’ll want to stick within a range between 180℃ and 210℃ to ensure you can taste a smooth herbaceous flavour and extract its cannabinoids. As your vape is designed to heat and not burn your flower, vaping at 220℃ is one of the biggestdon’ts of dry herb vapes, as it’s the point that your flower starts to combust.

    If you have a new strain, try experimenting with your temperature settings — lower heats will give you a smoother and more potent flavour, while higher heats allow you to create bigger vapour production. More experienced vapers may want to heat their bud at certaintemperatures to target certain terpenes and cannabinoids to derive a therapeutic effect:

    • CBD — 180℃
    • THC — 157℃
    • Beta Myrcene — 168℃
    • Terpinolene — 185℃
    • Linalool — 198
    • Phytol — 204

    Give your vape the best start

    Much like baking or roasting food in your kitchen’s oven, older models and desktop vaporizers may require an extra moment to heat up before it reaches their optimal temperature. If your vape has seen better days, consider updating to a newer model that can heat in seconds.

    Like all things, good things come to those who wait — taking slow and long draws will help your device to heat your flower without burning it and ensure you can preserve your bud to take additional puffs without unnecessarily wasting it to get a short and quick puff.

    A clean vaporizer is a long-lasting vaporizer

    After each session, cleaning and maintenance are perhaps the most importantdos of weed vapes to ensure it will last years to come and will vaporize your flower to its maximum capacity. After each session, your vaporizer’s chamber and mouthpiece will likely accumulate dried herbs and sticky oil residue. Wick away its flakes with a gentle soft-bristled brush, and apply isopropyl alcohol using a cloth or cotton wool to cleanse the internal chamber from debris.

    Discover a Dry Herb Vaporizer you can rely on at Wick and Wire Co. today

    With a little bit of experimentation and thebest dry herb vaporizer guide at your disposal, you can ensure that you’ll enjoy a heightened vaping experience every time. Whether you’re new to dry herb vaping or looking to upgrade to a more powerful model,Wick and Wire Co. is your best destination to find the latest devices. 

    From portable dry herb vapes to power-packed desktop vaporizers, explore our complete collection and find a kit suited to every preference. Need help choosing the right device? Feel free toreach out and our helpful team will be happy to provide you with recommendations tailored to your needs and preferences.

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