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  • June 08, 2023

    Vaping e-liquid, dry herb andCBD and THC vape juice has gained immense popularity in recent years, as it has been considered a healthier alternative to burning carbon and smoking traditional cigarettes and flower. 

    As the popularity of vaping grows, so does the range of products and methods available. Two of the most common types of vaping are e-liquid anddry herb vaping — each provides vastly different experiences to stimulate your senses with tantalising flavours that give you a relaxing sesh. 
    If you’re new to vaping, it can be challenging to understand the difference between the two. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between dry herb and e-liquid vaping to help you build a setup that best suits your needs.

    The difference between e-liquid and dry herb vapes

    While e-liquid and dry herb vapes vaporise their filling and produce a relaxing and stimulating experience, they create vastly different vaping styles that focus on various elements, that include:

    • Vapour production —Dry herb vapes are typically more discreet to minimise the odour emitted with portable devices, while e-liquid vapes produce vapour that wafts into the air.
    • Flavour production — Your flower produces a herbaceous flavour and smell that varies depending on your strain and temperature setting. In contrast, e-liquids can vary from apple to banana custard and everything sweet and savoury in between.
    • Accessories needed — Your dry herb vape is a one-time investment that only requires you to purchase your flower, while e-liquid vapes require you to replace your coil and pod (if it features a built-in coil) and your vape juice. 

    What is dry herb vaping? Everything you need to know 

    Dry herb vaping is a method of inhaling the vapour produced by heating dried herbs without burning them. Instead of combustion, your flower is heated to a temperature that is high enough to release the active compounds in the herb but not high enough to burn them. 

    If you’re looking to cultivate the ultimate dry herb vape experience, choose a compact, personal portable device that allows you to vaporize your herb on the go or opt for a desktop vaporizer that delivers a consistent power output, larger fill capacity and amped-up flavour and vapour production.

    Wondering whetheryou can vape CBD oil? Absolutely! You can use an oil vape pen and a mesh coil that heats your CBD vape juice — or if the mood strikes for THC vape juice, you can conveniently enjoy your favourite strains by filling the cartridge with your oil instead of messily loading the chamber of a regulardry herb vape with your herb.

    How do dry herb vapes work?

    When using adry herb vape, the flower is loaded into a chamber or bowl and is then heated by either conduction or convection. Whether you’re following the arguments in web forums or finding different opinions among your mates, there are no wrong or right answers when choosing between conduction vs. convection dry herb vapes.

    Like a kettle, conduction involves heating your flower by making direct contact with the heated element, normally a metal or ceramic chamber. In contrast, convection heats the air around the herbs to vaporize them, similar to a hair dryer. While convectiondry herb vapes evenly heat your flower or THC vape juice, conduction instantly heats your fill with minimal lag, meaning you can inhale a relaxing puff in no time.

    Whether you prefer a solo or tabletop session,dry herb vapes are often preferred over smoking because it produces less smoke and odour and can be less harsh on the lungs. Additionally, vaporizers allow for greater control over the temperature of the vapour, which can affect the flavour and potency of your flower and strain.

    Advantages and disadvantages ofdry herb vapes

    One of the most significant benefits of dry herb vapes is that it’s considered a healthier option since it doesn’t require your flower to be spun with tobacco, chemicals or liquids. Instead of burning your bud, it’s heated, so you’re inhaling fewer amounts of carbon, allowing you to unlock the different terpenes of your strain.

    While dry herb vapes and CBD vape juice offer a soothing and pleasurable experience, they require some experience and experimentation to get it right.

    What is e-liquid vaping? Everything you need to know 

    More common and mainstream, e-liquid vaping or e-cigarettes use a pen or box-like device that vaporizes vape juice to produce a flavourful vapour you can taste. Whether used to sample an exciting array of flavour combinations or as a smoking cessation device, vapes offer an enticing experience to kick back and relax.

    Using a coil to wick and heat your e-liquid, you can experiment with mouth-to-lung vaping that reproduces the feel of a cigarette’s smoke in your mouth for more discreet vapour production. You can also create billowing clouds with direct-to-lung or sub-ohm vaping.

    Vape e-liquids offer an exuberant and endless number of choices, from drops inspired by fruit to decadent dessert and beverage flavours and others with a cooling menthol finish — whatever you’re craving, there is sure to be a selection that satisfies. Vape juices are typically simple, blended from a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavouring and cooling agents.

    Advantages and drawbacks of e-liquid vapes

    While e-liquid vaping can appear confusing at first, you can easily find user-friendly starter kits that allow you to fill up your tank or pod, puff and go before moving on to other devices with customisable settings. With a large range of reliable brands to choose from and a never-ending supply of flavours to discover, your vaping set-up always feels fresh, new and exciting.

    With a lot of customisation available, a little extra reading is needed to understand how vapes work, how to replace the coil and how to pair your coil to your wattage settings.

    Find easy-to-use and enjoy dry herb and e-liquid vapes at Wick and Wire Co. today

    With a little practice and experimentation, you’ll quickly find that vaping is easy to understand and enjoy. But with an ever-growing range of customisable devices, you will want to try other vaping styles, whether with greater personalised functions or mixing your session with an e-liquid or dry herb vape.

    Whatever style you prefer, Wick and Wire Co. offer a leading range of dry herb vapes, e-liquid vapes, vape juices and tools to help you create the setup of your dreams. Shop the range today to find the hottest brands you can rely on. If you need any product recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re always happy to help.

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