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  • June 08, 2023

    If you're a vaper, you know that aclean vape is essential for getting the best flavour and performance out of your device. Not only doescleaning out your vape tank, chamber and mouthpiece deliver delectable flavours and smooth throat hits — just like your first toke when you unpackaged it — but it ensures you can enjoy a long-lasting vape you can rely on charge after charge. 

    Whether you’ve just got accustomed to dry herb vaping or your routine maintenance has become a little too lax, within a month or two, yourvaping residue can leave your experience far from optimal, meaning your flower doesn’t pack the same punch. In this blog post, we'll discusshow to clean weed vapes and provide tips on keeping your device in great condition. 

    Why a clean vape is an efficient vape

    While your dry herb vape is user-friendly and needs less maintenance than other flower smoking styles, it doesn’t mean you’re free from a little TLC. There are many reasons why you shouldclean your vape, including:

    • More space to fill your chamber — If you’ve left your device to accumulatevaping residue, you’re leaving space behind that could be used to pack in more flower, leaving you with a smaller and less satisfying vape.
    • Ensures the purity of your strain — Different strains are best vaped at different temperatures to release certain terpenes and other compounds. Not only will you be mixing strains of different flavours, but you could also be puffing on a burnt taste.
    • Enjoy the full hit — The build-up ofvaping residue can prevent your flower from being evenly vaporized, resulting in you wasting your herb and experiencing a poor and restricted draw.
    • Maintains a hygienic operation — Debris is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow — if you’re yet toclean your vape, you're inhaling your flower and bacteria with each puff.

    How often should youclean out your vape tank

    To ensure a smooth, lasting and high-performing operation, we recommend emptying the chamber, wicking away larger debris between each session with a brush, and conducting a thorough deep clean either weekly or between vaping on different strains.

    How to clean your weed vape 

    While it's best to review your device’s cleaning instructions, our guide below will teach youhow to clean weed, dry herb and oil vaporizer. For the best results,cleaning vapes when they’re still warm will make yourvaping residue more pliable and easier to remove.

    1. Ensure your device is off and disassemble all your dry herb vaporizer parts.
    1. With a small soft, bristled brush, wick away all debris, paying particular attention to the ceramic or metal chamber or mesh screens.
    1. Using a soft-bristled pipe cleaner, pass it through the mouthpiece to dislodge anyvaping residue and other areas your lips come in contact with.
    1. Using a cloth soaked with isopropyl alcohol, wipe and sanitise all areas — you might also want to apply it to the pipe cleaner to pass through the mouthpiece.
    1. For any non-electrical parts showing signs of stubbornvaping residue that is seemingly impossible to remove, soak it in a shallow bath of isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes, brush and rinse with clean water.
    1. Allow all parts to dry completely before re-assembling and enjoying your first puff.

    Find an easy-to-maintain and use dry herb vaporizer at Wick and Wire Co. today

    With a little maintenance between sessions, aclean vape will reward you with herbaceous flavours that pack a punch — so you can enjoy the full potency of your strain. From evenly heating your flower and protecting the purity of its flavour to maintaining airflow,cleaning out your vape tank and mouthpiece will help you get the most out of your portable and desktop vaporizer. We have a wide range of dry herb vaporizer cleaning accessories ensure the best performance and longevity from your dry herb vape. 

    If you’re looking for adry herb vaporizer oroil vaporizer that takes little effort to maintain, discover the full range at Wick and Wire Co., and choose from leading brands you can rely on, includingBoundless Technology,PAX Labs andStorz & Bickel. If you need advice on maintaining your device or a product recommendation for your first kit, don’t hesitate tocontact the team — we’re always happy to help.

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